“Being a member of GBT has elevated our purpose as a family through sound teaching and empowered us towards hope beyond what we imagined was possible.”
-The Walls
Young Family
“We like coming to church because we can learn more about Jesus.”
-Calvin G. III, & Mariah G.
“The church has helped me spiritually by thinking of his word and examining myself!”
-Dianne C.
“When I walked into GBT over 4 years ago everyone was very hospitable. They welcomed me and my two boys right in. They are like a big family that helps support and encourage one another. Pleased to call them family.”
-Candy R.
“GBT has been such an eye opener for me. I can say with confidence that I serve Jesus without a doubt. GBT has helped me conquer my fears. I love being alive and I am a walking testimony of how I let go and let God take control through salvation and receiving the Holy Ghost”
-Denisica C.
“Church has helped me to keep my head in the right place in school, home, and work. Church is a big part of my life and made me into who I am today.”
-Austin D.
“I come to Greater Beth-el Temple because God is my everything, my help and joy comes in the sanctuary.”
-Kathy G. 
“One thing I’ve learned is that you can never escape the word of God. There’s a message for everybody and for every situation. The word of God in the Bible is like Prego Spaghetti sauce, ‘It’s in there!'”
-Marcella D.